Trick Or Treat Kitty

Trick or Treat

Up for your consideration I have this charming big kitty. Macie measures in at 35" tall to the top of her hat.She is made from stained, baked, painted and sanded linen. Macie`s facial features are a needlesculpted nose, brow and lips. Her eyes pencil drawn and sealed. Macies paws are sculpted giving them a nice dimension and in her hand she holds her trick or treating goodies. Yup you guessed it 2 fish bones. These are made of painted fabric and wire. Macie wears orange and black and has a grungy hang tag pinned to her dress that reads... TRICK OR TREAT, BE REAL SWEET,AND GIVE US,TASTY TREATS, TO EAT. If you have room in your heart for Macie she will arrive to you signed and dated.

Price including travel fare: $59.95